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The Power of Bribery | Prepping For Your Holiday Mini Session


Portraits, Prepping For Your Session

Picture day can be a very, very stressful time if you have children. Finding the right outfit and a date that everyone is available on already causes you a headache. Once you have that down, though, everything is smooth sailing. You have prepared everything to be perfect, and then your worst nightmare happens – your child won’t cooperate. Even after you’ve coached him or her for the past two weeks and the entire car ride leading up to the session, your kiddo still just isn’t having it. You’ve tried all of the usual tricks and nothing is working. Sounds terrible, right?

Well, I’m here today to save you from this stress, and help you prevent this from even happening. Behold the power of bribery. I know some people frown upon this, however, they probably haven’t tried to get a two, six, and 10-year-old to sit in one position together, look at the camera, and smile. It’s no easy task! As a photographer, I’m going to give you the green light and tell you that it’s OK to bribe your kids for the sake of good photos.

kids playing in fall leaves

We have a very limited amount of time to get all of the photos that you need, and I don’t want you to be stressed out or feel crunched for time because your little one is having a meltdown, is hiding behind his hands the entire session, or sticking his tongue out at me. So, I welcome bribery with arms wide open.

Every child is different when it comes to bribery. They all have different personalities and like different things. Some children are motivated by candy, others cash. You just have to find out what works best for your child.

Here are some suggestions that I’ve noticed that have worked.

  • Candy or fruit snacks
  • Dinner or dessert at their favorite restaurant after the session
  • Later bedtime
  • That awesome toy they’ve been drooling over
  • Extra TV/screen time
  • A sleepover/playdate with a friend
  • Cash
  • Extended play time

While these aren’t the only options, I thought I’d give you a starting point to brainstorm your own ideas to help get your child to cooperate.

I want to add a disclaimer that no matter what happens during your session – tears, tantrums, attitudes whatever – I am here to support and help you! I have been there friend!! Nothing phases me when it comes to kids and photo sessions! I remember our first family session when my oldest was a toddler and crashed into the edge of a table hours before our shoot.  We showed up with a huge goose egg on his forehead.  I was SO stressed!  But our photographer was awesome and you’d never know he had a massive bruise on his head thanks to the beauty of Photoshop.

Maybe we as parents should bribe ourselves….”I’ll make it through this session all smiles and no stress and then I’ll”…:

  • Browse the new Magnolia line at Target ALONE (November 5th y’all!!)
  • Treat myself to a non skinny latte
  • Enjoy a glass of wine/cold beer (or two!)
  • Buy that fabulous, cozy sweater I’ve been eyeing
  • Soak in a lavender scented tub and binge watch something really _____ (you pick the adjective)

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