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9 Things Your Wedding Photographer Would Want You to Know


For Brides

Your photographer wants to give you the best possible experience on your wedding day.  Here are 9 things your wedding photographer would want you to know.

9 things your wedding photographer wants you to know, Kelley Stinson Photography

  1. They’re not too fond of surprises

If you’re planning anything unusual for your wedding day, please let your photographer know, otherwise they might miss it. Whether your guests will be using sparklers or there will be a special dance, if they know what to expect they can plan ahead and get the very best shots. They might need to change lenses, use a flash or be in the right spot to capture the moment so it helps to keep your photographer in the loop.

  1. Please don’t ask them to match another photographer’s price

Each photographer has their own style, processes and experience so while you might find that photographers have very similar packages, you can’t really compare prices as no photographer is the same.

  1. Yes, they would love to eat

Shooting a wedding is hard work and your photographer is with you for most of the day so it’s always nice to sit down to a proper meal before the reception festivities get underway. If possible, it’s best to serve your photographers first so that they aren’t forced to rush through their meal in order to be ready for the first dance and toasts.

  1. Wedding planners are a huge help

While your photographer doesn’t mind providing you with suggested timing in order for them to get all the shots you want, having a wedding planner really helps ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time, and things just run a lot better when a third party is assisting.

  1. Give them time to catch their breath

As you plan your wedding day, please allow for small breaks so that your photographer can use the bathroom or grab a drink of water. It’s always nice when your photographer can enjoy the day with you instead of feeling like everything is a rush.

  1. Please treat them like guests

Photographers prefer to be on the guest list so that they are always aware of what’s happening and can capture every moment of the wedding. It’s also a great idea to send them an invite so that they can photograph it ahead of time if needed.

  1. Ask your guests to respect your day

There is nothing worse than trying to capture an important moment such as the bride walking down the aisle or the groom’s reaction and there are several cellphones and iPads in the shot because someone would like to post a photo on Instagram. You only get to enjoy and capture this moment once so ask someone from your wedding party to make an announcement before the ceremony asking all guests to please keep their mobile devices tucked away until after the ceremony.

  1. They don’t want their photos to be edited

You’ve hired a professional for a reason and they know what they’re doing so please don’t edit their work once you receive your photos. Photographers use their shots in their portfolios and if there are different versions of the shot floating around, it might end up giving them a bad name or change how future clients perceive the quality of their work. It’s better for you to experiment with photos that your guests took if you would like to try out different filters.

  1. Editing and processing takes time

Your photographer understands how excited you are to see the shots from your big day but it’s important to remember that editing and processing does take time so you will need to wait a while before you can get your hands on your wedding photos. Editing and processing takes time because your photographer wants to give you the very best shots and it takes time to sift through the hundreds of photos that were taken on the day.


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Are you recently engaged? I would love to talk with you about your wedding day plans! Please send me a note and I’ll be in touch soon!


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