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What to look for in your photography agreement


For Brides

The wedding photography agreement is specifically written up to prevent any miscommunication between you and your photographer. Many couples quickly sign on the line after finding their perfect wedding photographer, but it’s important that you take the time to read the details of the agreement before signing. While it can seem a little intimidating there are some key items you will want to look for in your photography agreement.

what to look for your in your photography agreement

Rights to Prints

This is something that is becoming very important for couples. Without it, you can have a lot of difficulties making additional prints of your wedding images. If being able to print your own images is important to you ask your photographer if he or she has a package that includes digital files and the rights to print.  Some photographers may not release their digital files or may do so at an added cost.  Keep in mind that it is always the best route to purchase prints from your photographer since they have working relationships with professional labs and can make sure your images are printed at the highest quality.  You also want to be mindful of any additional statements that restrict how you can use your photos. Some couples want to submit their images to various bridal magazines and this can easily get you in legal troubles if your photographer doesn’t get the photo credit or simply has it in the agreement that you cannot redistribute the images. Ask for further explanation or clarification of from your photographer if you have questions.

Hours of Coverage

You will want to the agreement to clearly state when your photographer will show up for the start of the day. You will also want to make sure the agreement specifies whether or not you can add on hours to the time already determined and how much extra that will cost.

Refund Policy

There are many unforeseen circumstances that can happen on your wedding day. The photographer gets sick, their car breaks down on the way to the wedding, equipment failures, the church accidentally double books your ceremony, and a whole slew of other mishaps that can result in you not getting the images you had expected. You’ll want to know how this will affect any payment made to your photographer. Most often if it is a fault on the photographer then you should be entitled to your money back. If it is another outside circumstance you may not get all of your money back so it is always a good thing to consider this if you’re ever considering cancelling.

Post Production Timeline

You’ll want to know when you can expect to view your images and how you’ll be able to view them. Most photographers have a sneak peek of select images ready for you to review prior to the rest of the images. You’ll also want to make sure that it states a time frame of when you can expect to receive albums, prints or any additional items that you order.


While it can be a daunting task, carefully reviewing and knowing what to look for in your photography agreement will not only give you peace of mind but can also keep you out of legal troubles. Always ask your photographer if you have any questions.

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