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Planning Your Intimate Wedding


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2020.  It’s become a word, and adjective, an emotion, the butt of many jokes, and less and less like the year we all thought it was going to be.  Like many couples, I’m sure you are finding yourself in the middle of a lot of unknowns when it comes to planning your wedding.  Maybe you have already had to postpone, or sadly even cancel your day.  If that’s you, you may need to explore shifting your focus to a small or intimate wedding.  You 100% deserve to celebrate the beginning of this amazing journey with your partner, but maybe it’s time to rethink what that looks like.  I’m here to offer some helpful tips to begin planning your intimate wedding today!

planning your intimate wedding

Tip One:  Size matters

An intimate event is one with an average of 20 to 75 guests.  While there is no magic number, the smaller the crowd, the more intimate the event.  Also consider the size of your venue.  It should complement the size of your party.  If it’s too big it may look like guests did not show up, but if it’s too small it may appear that you skimped on costs. Your venue should feel full and cozy with your guests in attendance.

planning your intimate wedding

Tip Two: Pay attention to the details

When an event is smaller, every detail is noticed.  Just because it’s a smaller event, doesn’t mean it’ll go off without a hitch.  Hiring a Day of Coordinator is still a great idea, and worth the investment for your peace of mind.

planning your intimate wedding Kelley Stinson Photography

Tip Three:  Spend your money where it matters

Your photos are the one thing that will stand the test of time after your wedding day has come and gone.  Now is not the time to ask a friend or family member to take on that responsibility.  Many photographers offer special pricing for smaller weddings and are definitely worth the investment.  If you had to pare down your guest list, now is also great opportunity to really treat your guests.  Invite them to the rehearsal dinner, go for the gourmet chocolate favors instead of the single truffle, or get the good champagne instead of sparkling wine.  While your guests certainly won’t expect such lavish treatment, your extra thought will leave a lasting impression.

Tip Four: Spend the day with those that matter most

If cutting people from your guest list makes your stomach hurt, you are not alone! It’s probably the hardest part of switching gears to a small event.  But the upside to that is that you truly get to spend quality time with your family and friends who are attending.  Allow them to be a part of special events like special reading during the ceremony, or instead of two sides have them circle around you during the ceremony.  You can even make it a weekend long celebration instead of just one day!

planning your intimate wedding

Before you get to your “I Do’s” think about what it is about planning an intimate wedding that appeals to you.  Is the privacy and exclusivity it offers? Maybe that a more meaningful wedding can be more personalized? Or maybe it’s the flexibility you have with your budget?  Maybe it’s a great way to break away from tradition and add some of your awesome personality and really reflect on who you are as a couple.  More than anything this is an opportunity to plan on YOUR terms! Anything goes!

To learn more about an intimate wedding experience with me, click the link, or shoot me an email today at kelley@kelleystinsonphotography to start planning!

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